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Douglas Campbell is the finest of independent HVAC contractors specializing in residential air conditioning.

He is a state licensed HVAC contractor who already knows the diversified field of air conditioning and is currently rated #1 in San Antonio.

He will be the one who comes to your home, finds the problem, and offers you choices on how to address it.

You always get a professional service at a reasonable price. Campbell A/C benefits from your satisfaction, so a win-win situation is what we all get.

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  • Central Air Conditioning Sales, Service & Installation
  • Prevention of Water Leaks & Potential Mold Growth
  • Problem Solving & Design Modifications

P.O. Box 34925
San Antonio, TX 78259

(210) 494-6946

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  • Licensed by the State of Texas
  • Associates degree in Air Conditioning with numerous awards for highest achievement in each and every semester.
  • Certificates and awards for completion of numerous manufacturer technical classes.
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Serving: San Antonio and the surrounding area!